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Born and a raised in Peterborough Ontario, I dreamt of being an artist always drawing painting and sculpting. At the age of  19, I moved to Toronto to obtain my Bachelor of Architecture from Ryerson  University (Toronto Metropolitan University). The alternate art form from which I could make a living. I have spent over 25 years running DPK Design serving  the fast passed custom residential construction industry in Toronto and around Ontario. 

In 2006 Doris with her family moved from Toronto to Georgina-the south shore of Lake Simcoe to offer a country life for her son to grow up in. Inspired by my surrounding landscapes and the architecture of the world she began painting again and even took part in a group show at the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery in 2016.


In the last few years I was forced to experience great personal change one of which in 2021 was a catastrophic fire in her home and studio - I have used painting as a tool to heal and try to move forward. Exploring many techniques, styles and application as a journey of healing and rebuilding my lost portfolio. 

'Abandoning the heartbreak of loss and the frenetic pace of our world and reflect on its dynamic beauty of nature and the build form. A study of light and reflections.'


Cover Art Illustration

Talk Turkey with Urqey, 2nd Addition

By Rod Urquhart 2018

A collection of funny stories.

Tales of an Outhouse, 2nd Addition

By Rod Urquhart 2018

A collection of funny stories.

Conceptual Illustrations

The Georgina Book, What Citizens Value the Most.

A unique historical and environmental overview of Lake Simcoe and the Town of Georgina, reflects what people treasure most about their diverse communities. Published 2010




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